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Ministry concludes first round of talks on labour tax changes


The ministry said that the feedback suggests this could be done with more efficient tax collection, equalisation of contribution rates and higher corporate tax.

The ministry started the first round of consultations at the end of February in a bid to exchange views and expectations regarding tax changes that are expected to be implemented by the end of the year. The second round of talks will start in April.

The stakeholders agreed that restructuring of tax policy is necessary and desired, as it is of key importance for stable and sustainable growth to improve the competitiveness of the business environment, the ministry said in a press release on Friday.

Representatives of businesses have complained about what they believe is excessive taxation of employees who contribute to added value of companies, including experts in R&D departments.

The stakeholders have also expressed the wish to improve competitiveness with measures like special tax treatment of annual performance bonuses, tax breaks for bonuses, changes to tax brackets or introduction of a new tax bracket.

Business representatives have argued that tax breaks should remain unchanged and that they must not be abolished, and that breaks for investments and R&D are of key importance for the business environment and development, the ministry said.

When it comes to additional budget revenue that would enable tax breaks, the stakeholders mostly agreed that additional resources could be sought in more efficient tax collection and better tackling of grey economy, equalising contribution rates for different forms of work and increasing nominal rates for corporate income tax.


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