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Double win for Slovenia at Ski Jumping World Cup at Planica


Prevc was sixth after the first series but recovered in the second with a 242-metre jump, to be surpassed in total number of points only by Kranjec, who was in lead after the first jump.

Kranjec jumped 224.5 and 236 metres to score 7.1 points more than Prevc, who won yesterday's first individual World Cup event at Planica. Third place went to Johann Andre Forfang, who landed at 223.5 and 233 metres.

This is also the third time Slovenia scored a double win in the current World Cup season after Prevc and his brother Domen won first two spots in Switzerland's Engelberg in December and in Japan's Sapporo in January.

This is the seventh career World Cup win for the 34-year-old Kranjec, while Prevc improved on his all-time record in points won to 2,203 and grabbed an all-time record 21th podium finish in a single season.

Kranjec told the press he had not believed he could surpass Prevc but had nevertheless managed to beat the 23-year-old phenom. "I am really happy."

Prevc added he was happy that he could wait for his colleague below the ski flying hill and be first to congratulate him on the win. "It was a magnificent day."

The lone team event of the Ski Jumping World Cup finale at Planica will be held on Saturday, followed by the third and last individual event on Sunday.

Head coach Goran Janus announced that Slovenia will compete with Jurij Tepeš, Anže Semenič, Kranjec and Prevc. He believes that the Norwegians are the favourites, while Slovenia will compete for the podium.

* results of Friday's World Cup event at Planica:
1 Robert Kranjec (SLO) 447.6 (224.5/236.0)
2 Peter Prevc (SLO) 440.5 (218.0/242.0)
3 Johann Andre Forfang (NOR) 439.8 (223.5/233.0)
4 Michael Hayböck (AUT) 436.9 (218.0/233.5)
5 Kenneth Gangnes (NOR) 425.5 (221.0/223.5)
6 Severin Freund (GER) 417.5 (216.5/225.0)
7 Noriaki Kasai (JAP) 415.5 (216.5/224.0)
8 Daniel-Andre Tande (NOR) 414.1 (219.0/218.5)
9 Daiki Ito (JAP) 413.2 (219.0/218.0)
10 Anders Fannemel (NOR) 405.5 (217.0/213.0)

- overall standings:
1 Peter Prevc (SLO) 2203
2 Severin Freund (GER) 1454
3 Kenneth Gangnes (NOR) 1303
4 Michael Hayböck (AUT) 1261
5 Johann Andre Forfang (NOR) 1180
6 Stefan Kraft (AUT) 980
7 Daniel-Andre Tande (NOR) 963
8 Noriaki Kasai (JAP) 859
9 Richard Freitag (GER) 656
10 Anders Fannemel (NOR) 641

- ski flying standings:
1 Peter Prevc (SLO) 430
2 Robert Kranjec (SLO) 320
3 Johann Andre Forfang (NOR) 288
4 Kenneth Gangnes (NOR) 260
5 Stefan Kraft (AUT) 213
6 Severin Freund (GER) 211
7 Noriaki Kasai (JAP) 198
8 Michael Hayböck (AUT) 187
9 Andreas Stjernen (NOR) 162
10 Daniel-Andre Tande (NOR) 157


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