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Linguist gets plaque in home town


The plaque was erected at the initiative of a local group that wants to preserve the memory of the renowned linguist.

Last year the local school was renamed the Primary School of Dr. Jože Toporišič and numerous events have been held in Brežice municipality since.

The unveiling of the plaque will be followed this year by a memorial stamp, said Irena Majce, a representative of the local group that wants to preserve the memory of Toporišič.

The locals are also lobbying to erect a bust to Toporišič in the centre of Ljubljana.

Toporišič is considered the most influential Slovenian linguist of the 20th century.

He is is best known as the author of the authoritative Slovenian Grammar (1976), which saw numerous reprints and is still the most widely used Slovenian grammar book at advanced levels.

He was also known popularly as the inventor of several Slovenian neologisms, which earned him as much praise as ridicule.


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