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Young Slovenian "Ziggie bag" team: Dont just cycle...REcycle


A group of cyclist enthusiasts from Dom┼żale, Slovenia have developed an ultra stylish accessory - an innovative multi-function bicycle bag made out of discarded bicycle inner tubes, which is an absolute joy to use and is available on Kickstater too!

Ziggie Bag provides an example of uniqueness and attractiveness of recycling, as well as the idea that products from discarded materials may with no doubt keep up with the newer products by means of quality, usefulness and appearance. The Ziggie Bag team shall endeavor to keep the production of the bags in Slovenia (EU), as well as strive to produce a bigger range of products made out of reused bicycle inner tubes in the future. However, recycling does not mean having to sacrifice your style. While inner tubes are not the easiest material to work with, our team has gone through a painstaking process to make Ziggie Bag look less like a common recycled product and more like the latest fashion accessory.

The front side of the bag contains a three-degree beam LED light, which is strong enough to replace the front bike light and is charged by a portable battery charger, i.e. battery bank inside the bag. The battery bank can be charged prior to using a bicycle via a standard USB port, whose capacity enables to charge mobile phones or other smaller electronic devices during driving.

The idea of recycling and a more efficient use of natural resources is the central message of the bag. Our young team of bicycle and eco-enthusiasts thus came up with a slogan Don't just cycle... REcycle, which perfectly conveys the meaning we are trying to get across.


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