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Esma Redžepova


Not only is she making Rom music popular, but she is also Rom rights activist, supporter of intercultural dialogue and of women rights, a pacifist, definitely a woman who resists stereotypes. There is no surprise the concert will take place on the World Roms day.

Her expressive and theatrical performances encompass songs of love and sorrow, mostly in Rom and Macedonian language, but also in Turkish, Hebrew and Greek. She was the first Yugoslavian who performed in the famous music hall Olympia in Paris. Since 1976 she is a queen and respectful icon of Rom music and there is no doubt we can expect an excellent vocal interpretation and emotionally expressive performance.

At the end of last millennium her music career slowed down. However, when new music trends, like Balkan beats, came into force, she suddenly revived. The artist upgraded traditional and ethno music with pop elements and she was performing with famous names of modern music, like Toše Proeski and Kiril Džajkovski as well.

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