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5th Chocolate Festival


Radovljica is the largest town in the tourist destination of Radol'ca. Its slogan 'Honestly Sweet' derived from the town's rich tradition of chocolate, it having been produced in Lesce since 1922. This is also the reason that the Festival takes place in such close proximity. The intention of the Festival is to build awareness of the tourist destination of Radol'ca, as one of 'Sweet Experiences', and to attract visitors from throughout Slovenia and abroad, whilst at the same time promoting Slovene chocolatiers.

The event takes place in Linhart Square and in the Radovljica Mansion. The main theme of the Festival is chocolate. Producers of chocolate from Slovenia showcase their products at the Festival (in 2012 there were 8, in 2013 this increased to 13 and this year there will be at least 15), in addition to a selected number of other producers of chocolate products. Products are available for tasting; since 2013 this takes place via the purchase of tasting coupons, whilst products are also available for purchase from participating chocolatiers. The accompanying programme is also based on chocolate. In the Mansion chocolatiers demonstrate the creation of their products, whilst in Linhart Square there is a full line up of cookery shows, workshops for children and adults on the theme of chocolate and street performers. Every year there are also some new additions to the Festival. In 2012 it was the Chocolate Cocktail Show; in 2013 the Chocolate Fashion Show; and, for 2014, Chocolate Body Painting awaits.

This year, as was in 2013, the Festival will take place across 2 days - Saturday and Sunday. The Festival is held annually in April - after Easter and before the May Day Holidays.

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