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Importance of financial support to minority media underlined


In response, the Office for Slovenians Abroad underlined on Wednesday the importance of financial support to minority media.

By supporting minority media, the majority population is showing democratic attitude towards the minority. "Minority media are a fundamental and significant element of the Slovenian community in neighbouring countries, so it is our utmost duty to preserve and develop them," the office said.

It moreover welcomed an agreement among the key Slovenian organisations in Italy and the Slovenian Union party over their seeking of additional funds for the Novi Glas weekly from the Italian regional government.

Novi glas finished 2015 EUR 78,000 in the red, while the loss is expected to top EUR 100,000 this year. While initially lay-offs were planned, the prospect of additional funds has enabled the paper to only cut working hours to four of the employees.

Public funds for the paper were cut by over EUR 40,000 last year, compared to 2014. The Office for Slovenians Abroad allocated EUR 178,000 to the weekly this year, which is the same as last year and some EUR 50,000 less than three years ago.

The weekly was founded 20 years ago with the merger of two weeklies, the Trieste-Based Novi list and the Gorizia-based Katoliški glas.


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