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Enterprise Fund to back startups with almost EUR 5m


These will also be able to benefit from administrative support, advisers, workshops and help in establishing ties with private investors.

The fund's Director Maja Tomanič Vidovič presented the programmes for startups to the press at the Ljubljana Technology Park ahead of the Forum 100% startup event, which is officially launching this year's activities in support of innovative startups.

These will be able to apply for a total of EUR 2.16m in startup subsides each worth up to EUR 54,000, with the plan being to back around 80 startups this way.

Also available will be convertible loans of up to EUR 75,000 and public ownership investments of up to EUR 200,000. The total budget for these two products, which are to benefit around 25 companies, is EUR 1m and EUR 1.5m, respectively.

The fund is moreover continuing with its support programme for companies in problem regions, planning to back around 80 with a total of EUR 1.4m

Another novelty is the funds's support meant to facilitate wood processing in Slovenia, with subsidies of up to 40,000 each earmarked for an expected 13 firms.

The government will also provide advisers, with startup mentor Tilen Travnik arguing that Slovenians were usually very good experts and engineers but poor salesman, which was why mentors could be helpful.

Sabina Koleša of the Economic Development and Technology Ministry said the state was continuing to support startups, because these were companies with major potential for growth in added value and jobs.

The Slovenian Enterprise Fund started supporting startups ten years ago. It has so far helped more than 500 such firms, whose survival rate is 88%.


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