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Employment Service organises on-the job training


The European Social Fund contributed 80%, while the remaining 20% will be covered from the national budget.

Most of the funds, 60%, are intended for the training of the unemployed living in the eastern part of Slovenia and the rest for those from the west.

Employers can apply to participate in the project for enabling on-the-job training to a limited number of candidates until funds are available or 31 May 2017 at the latest.

The project is conceived as a training scheme with multiple benefits for both employers and the unemployed.

People aged over 50 who have been registered as unemployed for at least three months and those aged 30 or more who have been in the registry for at least a year are invited to take part along with those aged 30 or more with the lowest level of education who have been unemployed for at least three months.

The training will be supervised by a mentor provided by the employer for eight hours a day but must not take place on Sundays and holidays.

Almost 27,000 jobless people underwent on-the-job training offered by over 16,500 employers in Slovenia since 2010. Over 70% of those got a job during or after the training, almost 40% of them with the same employer that offered the training.


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