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Home film production good, box office results poor


The SFC, previously known as the Slovenian Film Fund, held a news conference in Ljubljana to present new projects and statistics for 2015, when the centre marked its 20th anniversary.

Its director has been complaining for a while that money for Slovenian film production is insufficient.

He recently told the STA that the state budget funds the SFC gets to support film production through open calls fell from EUR 6.5m in 2011 to EUR 3.2m in 2015 and EUR 3.08m.

The SFC publishes more than ten calls for project applications for films a year. The latest one, for the production of feature, documentary and short films is currently in the conclusion phase.

The plan for this year includes the launch of shootings of features by some of Slovenia's award-winning directors, including Metod Pevec and Jan Cvitkovič, as well as Miha Mazzini.

Cvitkovič, who won the Lion of the Future in Venice in 2001 for his second feature Bread and Milk, is returning to social issues with Družinica (Little Family), a social-transition drama.

Also planned for this year are two debut features and a documentary by three young authors, as well as ten short films, including four animated ones.

Considering the busy production under way, Rutar expects a strong competition programme for the Festival of Slovenian Film, to be held between 13 and 18 September.

SFC statistics show that Slovenian cinemas attracted 2.1 million visitors last year, which is more than the year before. However, Rutar was sad to report that the top ten most popular films were US productions.

Back in 2013, three Slovenian productions made it among the box office top ten; Miha Hočevar's comedy Going Our Way 2, Rok Biček's drama Class Enemy and Goran Vojnović's comedy Cefurji Raus.

To improve the promotion of home-made films, the SFC plans to join forces with producers.

Rutar praised the art cinema network for raising the share of projections of Slovenian and European films at the cinemas by 15% last year compared to 2014.

The SFC is joining celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Slovenia's independence this year by staging Days of Slovenian Film abroad in cooperation with Slovenian embassies.

The first guest appearance will be in Bratislava in Slovakia in April.


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