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Ljubljana promoting sound environment quality in April


Citizens are invited to collect data on the sound environment in different parts of the city via a smart phone application.

In the month when International Noise Awareness Day is observed (20 April), every day will be eventful at the information office in front of the town hall. A lecture on sound, noise and decibels will be among the programmes's highlights.

Data on Ljubljana's sound environment contributed by citizens will be used to create a sound image of Ljubljana. Using smart phone applications, anyone will be able to record sounds in the city and answer a short questionnaire about their effects.

An interactive installation will be set up in front of the town hall, presenting information on the sounds and noise in the city, the legislation dealing with the issue and noise research.

The Technology Museum just outside Ljubljana, in Bistra pri Vrhniki, will organise workshops on sound games of "our grandmothers and grandfathers", a quiz on sounds, a workshop on "mobi birds", present a sound pencil and set up a temporary exhibition on sounds.

On 20 April, the National Institute for Public Health will host an event underlining the importance of a peaceful environment for the health and well-being of people with special emphasis on the sound environment of schools and kindergartens.

The municipality will also present sound postcards of Ljubljana and an interactive map of bell ringing in the city and organise a panel dubbed Ljubljana's Sound Ecology at the town hall.

Ljubljana has recently significantly reduced the level of noise in the city centre by closing for traffic the central section of the Slovenska street that runs through the heart of the city centre.


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