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Museum on Slovenian Film Opening in Divaca


The museum set up by the Slovenian Cinematheque and the municipality of Divaca and housed in a traditional farm of the Kras region, incorporates three separate buildings; the former main house, stable and storehouse.

The main house features the information centre for the entire complex and the existing permanent exhibition on Ita Rina, the stable a permanent exhibition on Slovenian film and the storehouse a multimedia room, while the courtyard is reserved for an open-air cinema.

The Museum of Slovenian Film Actors covers the entire history of Slovenian feature films and explains everything from creating a role for a film to the secret of acting in a film, the author of the exhibition Lilijana Nedic has told the press.

The programme of the inauguration of the museum will also feature an event to commemorate renowned actor Majda Potokar (1930-2001).

While the permanent exhibition on Ita Rina was opened in the main house of "Skrateljnova domacija" already in 1998, the then director and founder of Slovenia's Cinematheque, Silvan Furlan (1953-2005), had an idea to renovate the entire farm complex in order to create a museum.

The project was deadlocked until 2002, when an architectural workshop was launched and an idea by architects Ernest Milcinovic, Teja Savelli and Matjaz Bolcina selected for realisation.

While most of the funds, EUR 1.23m, were granted by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, the Divaca municipality and the Culture Ministry contributed an additional EUR 800,000.


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