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Slovenia to get another six ex-Yugoslav diplomatic buildings


The six properties are mostly located in Africa, where Slovenia has limited diplomatic coverage at the moment. They include properties in Morocco, Tanzania and Mali. At least one property is located in Brazil.

The two-day meeting in Skopje was the latest dedicated to dividing ex-Yugoslav property among six states in line with the 2001 Succession Agreement. Slovenia was represented by Foreign Ministry Secretary General Stanislav Vidovič, the ministry said.

Slovenia set to assume the six properties from Serbia later this year. It will bring the total number obtained in succession to ten, after it previously assumed properties in Washington, Klagenfurt, Milan and Rome.

The country has now received more than two-thirds of diplomatic properties it is entitled to under a key of dividing up former Yugoslavia's buildings abroad.

It has already expressed interest in properties it is interested in from those yet to be divided.

The successor states also agreed to speed up the work of a working group dividing up the artwork in ex-Yugoslav diplomatic buildings. Slovenia has received most of the work by Slovenian artists and has used put them up as part of an exhibition.


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