The Slovenia Times

Ribnica still in the running for EUR 35m robotics plant


The company is to decide by the end of June whether it will build a new plant that will create 200 jobs in Slovenia or in Poland, the business daily Finance reported on Monday.

The two countries have been shortlisted after Yaskawa eliminated Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Bruno Schenkenburger, president of Yaskawa Robotics Europe, told the paper that Slovenia had made the shortlist because the country offered to co-finance the investment.

The final decision will however depend on several factors, including the availability of adequately educated staff and the supply chain.

Yaskawa already has two plants in Ribnica - Yaskawa Slovenija represents the company in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, while Yaskawa Ristro is an engineering and production company.

Yaskawa Ristro generated EUR 29.8m in revenue last year, which was 47% more than the year before. Yaskawa Slovenija's revenue dropped from EUR 4.7m in 2014 to EUR 4m last year due to the economic turmoil in the region.


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