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Water-bottling company sold to UAE Ardeya Global


The new owner has "long-term plans with the company" and wants to boost Costella's presence on the Slovenian market as well as take it to new markets in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

According to the owner of Ardeya Global Ali Al Ameri, Costella is a well known water brand of the highest quality. The new owner also paid all of Costella's debt and plans to make it an international brand. "By improving its finance, we will secure both existing and future jobs at Costella," Al Ameri added.

Costella has been in a tough financial spot for too long, and the new owner will provide it with the opportunity to grow and develop, said Costella director Luka Velepič. "We weren't able to carry out a number of ambitious plans because we didn't have a financially strong owner," he added.

Moreover, the company believes that financial recovery will also benefit the local community in southern Slovenia as Costella's headquarters will remain where they are.

Costella boasts 13 products with more than 40 national and international awards. Apart from the natural mineral water, Costella has a number of flavoured waters and sports drinks.

The water springs from a source along the edges of the Kočevje primeval forest in the Natura 2000 nature protection area.


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