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Slovenia, China sign memorandum to boost coop in aviation


Infrastructure Minister Peter Gašperšič told the press that the signing of the two agreements, including a memorandum of understanding between the aviation authorities, was an important basis for further boosting of cooperation and would help strengthen their connection. "There is a great deal of untapped potential," the minister stressed.

China's Deputy Transport Minister Feng Zhenglin, who is in Slovenia for a two-day visit, echoed the minister's words, adding that Slovenia had a great environment and kind people. He moreover stressed that Slovenia had great foundation in high-tech and aviation production.

"Chinese aviation is growing fast and has great market potential," added Feng, who is certain that the deals will help boost sales of ultra-light aircraft and equipment on the Chinese market.

Director of the Civil Aviation Agency Rok Marolt, who signed a technical deal for faster certification of aircraft in the two countries, said it would also enable producers other than Pipistrel "to enter the big Chinese market".

Pipistrel has been operating in China for more than ten years and has sold over 50 sports planes. After the first technical agreement from 2012, Pipistrel certified one model on the Chinese market, while it will get certificates for three more planes on Tuesday, owner and director Ivo Boscarol told the STA.

"China's market has the greatest potential, bigger than the rest of the world put together. According to estimations, they will need around 20,000 two- and four-seater planes by 2030," he added.

Boss of Pipistrel's agent in China, Flying Tigers Aviation Cooperation, Danny Wu meanwhile told the STA that Pipistrel's glider Taurus was the only one that was legally sold and used in China. According to him, they were in talks to open a factory in China, which would allow up to 1,000 Pipistrel's planes to be sold there.


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