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WWII steamer finds resting place in Military History Park


The 33-110 was made in 1943 and was until now a prized artefact of the Railway Museum.

The beast - it is 23 metres long and 4.4 metres high and weighs 95 tonnes - was meant to be used for only a couple of years until the end of the war.

However, this type of engine was used around Europe for decades after WWII due to its sturdy design. Built during the war as the Deutsche Reichsbahn's Class 52, it was the most widely produced type of the Kriegsloks (war locomotives).

After the war, many engines passed into allies' ownership as war reparations, according to Wikipedia. In Yugoslavia locomotives of the type were classified as JŽ 33.

The 33-110, which was hauled to Pivka by its working museum sister 33-037, already has a special place in history: its ride from Ljubljana to Postojna in April 1978 ended the era of steam engines in regular railway transport in Slovenia.


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