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Businessman taking over production of jumping skis from Elan


Talking to the STA on Tuesday, Peter Slatnar said the letter of intent would be signed first so that a contract could then be compiled in peace.

At first the deal would involve the lease of equipment, premises and labour force, and then Slatnar would also get a pre-emptive right to buy moulds and machines for production of jumping skis.

Slatnar started looking for a solution as soon as Elan's management announced two weeks ago it would scrap jumping skis production, a decision that provoked a public outcry.

Although talks are still ongoing, Slatnar said this would not hamper the launch of production.

"Everything is running normally. We are orally agreed and we're working in the direction of having production start as soon as possible," said Slatnar.

As soon as the design of a new brand of jumping skis is ready, it will be printed and skis will be put into production.

Slatnar will initially buy skis and sell them on under his new brand. Work will later resume under a new brand, which will be no longer Elan's.

He plans to manufacture at least 1,000 pairs of skis a year, the first hundred of which are to be put out by the end of May. His initial investment will be EUR 150,000.

His company Slatnar Carbon manufactures bindings for most ski jumpers competing in the World Cup, a division he plans to keep along with the new jumping skis programme.

For the new season, Slatnar will also supply carbon ski jumping boots, a product made in cooperation with several Slovenian companies.

He says interest in the new boots is keen, as is in the jumping skis. Support for the project has also been expressed by the reigning World Cup winner Peter Prevc, who has competed on Elan skis.

Before competitors can use his skis, the businessman will need to get the go-ahead from the International Ski Federation.

A decision is expected at the federation's a congress next month, but Slatnar has already been given assurances of support from the Slovenian Ski Association.


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