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Russia remains biggest Slovenian market outside EU


China stands out when it comes to import.

Slovenia's trade with EU countries represents almost 80% of total international trade done by the country.

Slovenia exported last year a total of EUR 5.54bn in goods to non-EU countries, with Russia leading the way with EUR 792m. Exports of pharmaceuticals represented the biggest share of exports to Russia (34.6%).

The share of exports to Russia among total exports to non-EU countries was increasing steadily after Slovenia's EU accession in 2004 to drop somewhat in 2009 due to the global crisis. It peaked in 2013 at 18.9%.

In terms of the share of exports from Slovenia to non-EU countries, Russia is followed by closely by Serbia (EUR 743.6m), Bosnia-Herzegovina (EUR 611.6m) and the United States (EUR 492.7m).

On the other hand, Slovenia imported the most goods from China among the non-EU countries, with the share standing at 16.9% (EUR 758.5m). Total imports from non-EU countries last year stood at EUR 4.49bn.

Imports from China increased between Slovenia's EU accession in 2004 and 2015 five-fold, according to the Statistics Office.

Imports from Turkey are also on the increase, having tripled since Slovenia joined the EU. Slovenia mostly imports cars and pharmaceuticals from the country.


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