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Runners to explore cultural heritage trail in Žirovnica


This will be the fifth "Run Under the Free Sun" that will also pay tribute to Fran Saleški Finžgar (1871-1962), perhaps the most popular Slovenian folk writer, who was the first to start guided tours along the route. The run takes the name of his Under the Free Sun, the 1906 historical novel.

On the same day, ski-jumping lovers will have the opportunity to test their courage and try the 12-metre hill in Gunclje near Ljubljana.

Hikers will meanwhile hit old country roads for the "Boškarin Spring Hike", which starts in the village of Padna in the Slovenian Istria, SW. The hikers will be offered culinary delights of the region and have the opportunity to meet the friendly locals.

The hike is named after the Istrian cattle - boškarin, which was used for carrying heavy loads on the narrow cobbled roads overlooking the Slovenian coast.


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