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Lights festival takes to nature to mark EU Green Capital


In its 10th edition, running under the Nature motto in a nod to Ljubljana's stint as the European green capital, its spectacular light performances will expand to city parks and the Botanical gardens.

A series of artistic interventions that will form this year's festival until 18 June will look at the various meanings nature has for people in the modern society. According to the organisers, projects will recreate the sublime beauty of nature as well as produce basses for research and artistic experimentation.

The gallery will meanwhile put on display projects by the likes of Gilberto Esparza and Urša Vidic. Esparza based his project on hybrid infrastructure that represents an autonomous system of plants and micro-organisms that would be able to survive the destruction of nature by humankind.

Vidic meanwhile tries to capture nature in all its grandeur and beauty by recreating the idea of sublime in a display that generates its own atmosphere.

Various projections will cover the fronts of buildings around city centre, a lighting object will be placed in the square by the City Museum and Andre Bahna's lighting sculpture, dubbed I Saved Sunset for You, will embellish the Novi trg square.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the festival, the organisers will begin working on a lighting park in Trnovo, where permanent lights displays will be placed over the coming years, the organisers added.


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