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Keep it local



There are many reasons why foreign companies should seriously consider using the recruitment services of a local provider. Among the most important is that locals know their market in detail. They can therefore provide their clients the most accurate answer possible as to what kind of people they can find and how much time they need to do their work. For example, due to the big crisis in the Slovenian construction industry it is currently much easier for us to find specialists from this field than for example specific IT specialists, which are at the moment quite thin on the ground. Another very relevant argument for recruiters to be locals themselves is the fact that it is much easier for them to motivate appropriate candidates for further selection processes. The motivation process in headhunting is always a challenge and knowing the mindset of the candidate can be sometimes crucial to attracting his or her attention, gaining his or her confidence and finally getting his or hers approval to meet a client. And who can know a candidate better then a local, maybe even someone with whom he or she has already been in contact in the past? Looking from the perspective of our company, we cannot ignore our more than 20 year tradition of work on the Slovenian market and the broad network of contacts that we have managed to establish during this period. Our database now includes more than 30,000 candidates and we are positive there is no international recruiting company with that number of contacts in Slovenia. And we cannot forget another added value that we can offer to all our clients as connoisseurs of the market. Besides excellent new employees, we can provide them useful information about hiring politics in Slovenia itself, for example information about usual reward packages, tax rates and everything else that foreigner should know when hiring new staff in Slovenia.
There are still many more arguments for international clients to choose our local company as their recruiting agency, but probably the best argument are our positive references from a broad range of our clients. And who could be a better reference than a satisfied client, who regularly comes back to use our services or just to get a good piece of advice?


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