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Supping start-up among most successful in Slovenia


As it is launching a new series of smart SUP boards, the company's success is gaining even more momentum.

After launching the first series of SUP boards, SipaBoards Drive, the company quickly found room for an even simpler solution. "We instantly knew that self-inflation was the next big thing in supping," said SipaBoards founder Sebastjan Sitar.

The new SUP board series SipaBoards Air has a magnetic self-inflation switch ensuring the compressor stays waterproof. SipaBoards Air is a series of smart SUP boards, as the user can check its pressure with a mobile application.

Owing much of their success to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, the company was able to raise more than US$170,000 for the new SUP board series, surpassing their primary goal of US$100,000. Their first SUP board series got US$340,000 on the platform last year.

The company does not envision any new series or models in the near future. "We are currently focused on our existing models and staying at the top of our area. We have a unique advantage and we'd like to use it," the SipaBoards team said.

The start-up is focusing on producing SipaBoards Air models and on finding ways of quicker delivery to its supporters, intending to continue their fund-raising campaign on the Indiegogo platform and selling their Drive models online.


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