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Yugoslav Manchester to pay homage to Maribor's textile industry


Projects pertaining to the exhibition will run throughout the year from this October to October next year, as the museum wants to present to the public all that is left from the once mighty industry.

Museum director Aleksandra Berberih-Slana told the press on Monday that events would be focused on bringing to life the industrial heritage as well as presenting the past and the future of the industry in Maribor and around the globe.

The first textile plants were set up in 1922 and until WWII the Maribor plants represented half of Slovenia's capacities. At that time, the 15 biggest plants employed more than 7,000 people.

Most of them were merged in Mariborska tekstilna tovarna - MTT after the war to create the biggest textile factory in Yugoslavia, employing as many as 6,400 workers in 1976. Another industry flagship was Svila Maribor, the biggest silk company in Yugoslavia and one of the biggest in Europe.

The downfall came with the ending of the previous century and museum workers decided to save as much of the industrial heritage as possible. They have kept it safe in the museum's depots from the early 1990s until now.

Even before the opening, the museum will launch activities in cooperation with the NGO Društvo Hiša!, including a workshop for anyone who enjoys needlework on Museum Night on 18 June.


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