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Slovenians increasingly positive about entrepreneurship


This puts Slovenia above the average of the 44 countries included in the survey, where 75% of the people were supportive of business. The highest share was recorded in Denmark, at 96%.

In the 2014 survey, 79% of Slovenians had a positive attitude to entrepreneurship.

"This shows a change in the atmosphere in the economy, with entrepreneurship becoming an opportunity for the young and also older people. All activities of various support institutions are therefore slowly showing results," commented Mitja Ruzzier of the Faculty of Management of the University of Primorsko.

But he was quick to point out that a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship does not necessarily mean that the person would be ready to open a business.

According to those surveyed in Slovenia, the advantages of being an entrepreneur include realisation of own ideas and independence. Being an enterpriser is also seen as an alternative to being unemployed.

Ruzzier, who heads the entrepreneurship department at the faculty, also welcomed the fact that Slovenians are now less afraid of failure when deciding for their own business.

Slovenia also ranked above average in entrepreneurship potential indicator. In Slovenia, 45% of those questioned can imagine opening their own business, while the average for the 44 countries included in the survey is 43%. The biggest indicator has Mexico, at 81%.

For the first time, Amway this year also calculated the Entrepreneurial Spirit Index AESI, measuring individual's readiness and determination for starting a business. Slovenia ranked eighth in this respect, with the first three places going to Italy, China and Thailand.

The survey in Slovenia was conducted over the phone between 19 May and 5 June 2015 among a representative group of 1,006 men and women over 15 years old.


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