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Art Circle / Art Embassies" brings artists to Goriška Brda


Art Circle / Art Embassies is a project in which artists from various countries cooperate with the wine-growing estates and hotels from Goriška Brda to create art and exhibit their work. The exhibition will be open to the public until 3 October 2016.

For the first time, a joint exhibition of about 60 international painters, sculptors and computer designers took place this year. Among them were artists from Slovenia, Germany, Poland and Slovakia who have previously participated in the Art Embassies. They were joined by artists from Spain, Japan, China and Russia. The opening ceremony was accompanied by a musical performanceby the Peter Savizon & Band.

The wine-growers, at whose vineyards the artists stay and work creatively, are among the best wine producers in Slovenia. To date, three Art Embassies have taken place and include the wine-growing estate Saksida in cooperation with the Slovakian Embassy, the estate Nejka and Uroš Klinec in cooperation with the Polish Embassy, and three years ago the wine-growing estate Šcurek in cooperation with the German Embassy. The latter, in particular, resulted in the expansion of the international participation. German Ambassador, Dr. Anna Elisabeth Prinz, welcomed the opportunity to open the exhibition from the beautifully renovated Villa Vipolže to the broader public. There will be some new cultural partnerships created this year: The wine-growing estates Iaquin will display a Spanish Art Embassy, Kabaj will host Chinese artists who will have already visited the Bienale in Venice, Klinec will welcome Japanese artists, and Slavček will display a Russian Art Embassy. For next year, a number of embassies have announced their interest in cooperating on the project, among them France and the UK.
Thanks to this project, the region will become known for its beauty, inspiration, arts and culinary arts. The first international exhibition at Villa Vipolže helped to bring forward the project and its reputation. Almost 500 guests not only enjoyed arts, delicacies and wine from Goriška Brda, but also danced in the beautiful Villa surrounded by vineyards.


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