The Slovenia Times

Encyclopaedia of contemporary Slovenian film published


It is the first comprehensive overview of Slovenia's contemporary film production.

The book comes three years after Štefančič's overview of Slovenian film from the 1946-1990 period. Covering the last 25 years, it also marks the 25th anniversary of Slovenian independence.

It features almost 300 feature films, produced by the Slovenian Film Centre, public broadcaster RTV Slovenija, as well as, as Štefančič put it, by regional and guerilla filmmakers.

He wrote in the preface that "the history of Slovenian film can no longer only be a history of Slovenian films blessed by the the Slovenian Film Centre".

The author invented original categories, ranging from Heaven to Sophisticated Flops, and also included some barely known works in the top category.

He argued at today's launch that Slovenians focused too much on films dealing with the distress of the country's middle class while placing too little value on craziness.


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