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Poor domestic sales drag down total revenue of exporters by 12%


But due to poor results at home, their total revenue decreased by almost 12%, showed a study by business analysis firm Bisnode.

The total sales revenue generated by the exporters amounted to EUR 57.3bn, 51% of which was accounted for by exports. The ten biggest exporters generated almost EUR 8bn worth of exports.

The export-oriented companied recorded a total profit of EUR 1.13bn, EUR 539m of which was generated by the top 10 companies.

The exporters employed 285,609 persons, with the average monthly cost per employee standing at EUR 2,166. The average employee generated EUR 43,734 in added value.

The biggest share of the total revenue fell to the manufacturing sector (35.1%), followed by trade (34.7%), electricity supply (8.4%), transport and storage (6.6), and information and communication activities (4.2%).

Manufacturers also accounted for the bulk of the profit (EUR 954m), followed by traders (EUR 365m), and transport companies (EUR 222m).

Pharma companies were the most profitable within the manufacturing segment, with 13 companies generating EUR 261m in profit.

The biggest losses were on the other hand recorded by the energy sector, which ended EUR 713m in the red. Bisnode pointed out that the same sector had still posted EUR 85m in profit in 2014.

Slovenia had 20,635 export-oriented companies in 2015, which is 29.2% of all companies in the country.


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