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Marko Jazbec announces resignation as chairman of SSH


The decision comes as the shareholders of Luka Koper were about to decide on the proposal of the SSH to replace three supervisors at the port operator.

Jazbec said in a statement for the press that the decision to propose the replacement of the supervisors, including chief supervisor Alenka Žnidaršič Kranjc, was professional and responsible, adding that it had been confirmed last night by the SSH supervisors.

"However, given all the developments and today's blockage of the operation of Luka Koper, I have decided to come to a mutual agreement with the supervisory board of the SSH to leave the management board," he said.

Jazbec referred to the workers of Luka Koper who stopped their work in the morning and gathered in front of the entrance to Port of Koper, blocking it with heavy machinery to protest the planned replacements.

The proposal, which comes amid plans for an expensive construction of a second rail track to the port, has raised a lot of controversy and has been met with resistance from the local community and the in-house trade union.

Jazbec added in the statement that he hoped that the SSH would be able to ensure that politics and private interests would not prevail in Luka Koper.

At the same time, the SSH decided not to put forward at today's shareholders' meeting the proposal to replace the three Luka Koper supervisors, all of whom represent the shareholders.


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