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PM blames Luka Koper management for blockade of the port


Independent MP Alenka Bratušek, the former prime minister, asked Cerar who was responsible for the developments at Luka Koper in the last month.

Luka Koper employees blocked the access to the port at the beginning of the month, causing massive backlogs of cargo, in a bid to protest against why the saw as preparations for the privatisation of port operator.

Cerar pointed his finger at the management today, suggesting that it would carry the responsibility for the damage caused to Slovenia's sole port.

Regarding the planned replacement of three supervisors at Luka Koper, which the Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH) later backtracked on, Cerar said the SSH, not the government, was in charge of staffing at state-owned companies.

"This government respects the principles of corporate governance - staffing is conducted professionally and in line with certain standards and we will insist on this."

The opposition United Left (ZL) expressed concern that Luka Koper might be in for privatisation due to the planned public-private partnership in the construction of the second railway track, connecting Koper to the Divača hub.

MP Matej T. Vatovec asked the prime minister how the government planned to attract private investors to the project and whether investors would be granted a concession for the construction of the third pier at the port.

Cerar replied that a concession for the use of infrastructure did not mean that this infrastructure was being privatised, as it would be returned to the state once the concession expired.

The concession for the Koper-Divača second track will be conferred on 2TDK, the company incorporated to manage the project, but since revenue for the use of the track will not suffice, private investors will be invited to the project, Cerar said, adding that all the details would be defined in a special law that was under way.

The government's job is to find investors that will deliver the services required at acceptable prices, he said.


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