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Slovenian weekly Mladina says govt lost a key figure


Mramor is an impeccable expert and this is the second time he has proven this, editor-in-chief Grega Repovž says in reference to Mramor's previous term as finance minister.

This does not mean that we must agree with all of his decisions, Repovž says. "He was tough when it comes to social measures, although even this is not entirely true: let's not forget that he relaxed wage growth, which is something that no other minister dared to do under EU pressure during the crisis".

Only time will tell what his actual achievements were, but the fact is that he has managed to reduce the deficit despite rising expenditure.

It is also clear that he has managed to negotiate a different fiscal policy in the talks with the European Commission but has never bragged about it, because this would harm the country and its position in the next round of talks.

Although his successor is not know yet, Repovž believes Mramor has taken care of that. The first time he left the Finance Ministry, he left his successor Andrej Bajuk 361 pages of advice on how to run fiscal policy.

While refusing to even read them in the first years, towards the end of the term Bajuk often turned to Mramor for advice, which Mramor does not like to talk about.

PM Miro Cerar's announcement that he would put forward a candidate in August and not by September indicates that the future finance minister has already been picked, Repovž says in Departure of First-Class Official.


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