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Slovenian apartment prices within Europe's average


The same amount will buy an 80 m2 apartment in Ljubljana, which compares to 90 m2 in bigger European cities, according to an annual study conducted by Deloitte that for the first time included Slovenia.

Apartment prices are on average higher in cities of Central and Western Europe, with central London (11 m2 for EUR 200,000) and Paris (19 m2 for EUR 200,000) being the priciest.

Ljubljana, where the average price per square meter is EUR 2,500, is on par with Tallinn, Graz, Linz, Prague, Moscow, Birmingham and Galway.

Two other Slovenian cities were included in the study; Maribor in the north-east falls in the same group as Poland's Gdansk, Wroclav, Poznan and Lithuania's Vilnius, while Kranj in the north-west is in the company of Warsaw, Valencia, Rotterdam and Lisbon.

When it comes to countries, the average price is somewhat lower. Slovenia, with the average price of EUR 1,700 per m2, is comparable with the Czech Republic and Estonia, while prices in Austria (EUR 2,400 per m2) and Italy (EUR 2,300 per m2) are higher.

This year's Deloitte's price analysis included Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, the US and for the first time Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia.


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