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Gaming licences to be made available to foreign operators


The main solutions in the long-expected reform act are related to the European Commission's findings that current limitations requiring that operators have their seat in Slovenia run contrary to EU rules.

Gaming licenses would thus also be made available to operators based in countries of the European Economic Area, comprising EU countries plus Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

The proposal, released on the government website, also seeks to lift limitations on private enterprise in the sector which cap private ownership in gaming operators to 49%.

The motion makes it possible for licensed gaming operators to be owned by enterprises operating as joint-stock companies with nominal stock of EUR 4m or more.

Ownership of gaming providers would also be open to employees associated in cooperatives.

The national lottery operator Loterija Slovenije and sports betting company Športna loterija would retain their monopolies in their respective areas, while new licenses would be made available in gaming.

A new type of licence would be introduced for providers of gaming on the internet or other means of telecommunication.

To cut red tape, the proposal also seeks to scrap the requirement to get a licence to work in the gaming sector.

Among other things, the new law would also change provisions on tipping to ensure transparency in the collection of tips and their fair distribution among employees.


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