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Phasing of EU funds in line with plans


A total of EUR 117.3m is available this year, and the ministry will publish calls for applications for the entire amount, while expecting to pay out around EUR 30m for projects.

"This number is realistic," Cantarutti told a press conference in Ljubljana, adding that the ministry had published 12 calls for applications this year.

In addition to the EU funds, the ministry disposes of an additional EUR 180m in budgetary funds, including EUR 65m for grants.

What is more, the ministry supplied the economy with EUR 117m in financial instruments from the previous financial perspective through four calls for applications.

Cantarutti rejected media reports that the ministry was being late with calls for applications. "There were some delays because the new financial perspective has started," he said.

He noted that EUR 3.2bn in incentives is available to Slovenia in the new financial perspective, including EUR 885m for the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, of which 45% are refundable financial instruments.

The ministry will incentivise research, technological development and innovation, improvement of competitiveness of micro and medium-sized companies, social inclusion and fight against poverty and all forms of discrimination.

In the field of entrepreneurship, the ministry plans to support with grants more than 4,000 projects, 400 innovative startups, 350 companies in international forums, 5,000 investors and domestic importers and at least 350 market research projects for companies.


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