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Govt to Tighten Supplementary Budget


The Slovenian government was expected to adopt the supplementary budget this week, however this was postponed to next week to tweak the document further if necessary after today's summit.

The government will try to economise additionally, but still try not to undermine the second most important priority after financial consolidation: the consolidation of Slovenia's economy, said Pahor.

He told the broadcaster's main news show that today's debate made it clear that only the EU members that are not overextended would be able to remain sovereign.

The prime minister also said that Slovenia was not on the agenda of the summit, although after the pension reform was rejected in 5 June referendum, borrowing expenses went up for the country. However, this should not be a problem, as Slovenia has calmed the markets by announcing the supplementary budget, he added.

Pahor would not comment on any resolutions of the summit that is still in session. He said however that Slovenia belonged to the countries that believed that by helping Greece it is helping itself.

He stressed that if the euro group was not able to help Greece, which contributes as little as 2% to the bloc's total GDP, then any trust enjoyed by the eurozone would be lost.

Most eurozone leaders believe that Greece's problems were shared by the entire group, said the PM, adding that the leaders were aware that some decisions would be hard to defend at home, but the alternative was far worse.


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