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Slovenian candidate for UEFA boss publishes programme


Čeferin wants to make UEFA the best sports organisation in the world.

"I believe that only together we can create and maintain the balance required for the unity, stability and further prosperity of European football," Čeferin states on the first page of the programme.

Creating the Perfect Balance is the title of the programme, with Čeferin arguing that if UEFA is to become the best sports organisation in the world "the most important task we face is to create a balance between the various stakeholders and levels of football in Europe".

He calls for dialogue, for the inclusion of all stakeholders, solidarity, gender equality, transparency, protection of the game, efficiency, autonomy, social responsibility and sustainability.

Čeferin's key guidelines are bringing the football community together, good governance and growing the sport.

"The best way for UEFA to continue to develop is by us working together - making best use of all of our strengths, respecting the role of every member association and taking the views of other stakeholders into account."

"My experience as President of the Football Association of Slovenia, my love for the game and my commitment to building on the exceptional work undertaken by everyone in the football community are the main reasons why I am asking you to support me as a candidate for the next president of UEFA," Čeferin wrote.

Čeferin, an acclaimed lawyer, has been promised support from various national associations, including from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the Balkans as UEFA seeks to regain a reputation tarnished by corruption scandals.

He said recently he does not fear dirty blows that might come in the race against the Dutch candidate Michael van Praag and the Spaniard Angel Maria Llona.


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