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Zore calls for mercy in Assumption of Mary mass


Zore also stressed that the righteous attitude to others could not change anything, but that everybody should start with themselves instead.

Speaking to some 3,500 people who gathered for the event, the archbishop said that in the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, "we are condemning all forms of violence over the creation and humans."

"How righteous can we be when we reveal different forms of exploitation and injustices in the world," Zore wondered, while also asking whether Slovenians could show their feeling of justice when it came to what was going on "in the third world".

According to him, nothing can be changed with such righteous attitude alone, at the time when the world is becoming increasingly cold and life increasingly hard.

"We therefore have to start differently. Until we stop talking only about what our neighbour is like, the walls between us will be growing taller with every word we says," Zore warned.

According to him, instead of saying what others should do, every person who really wants to change the world should first ask what he or she is willing to do for the creation and humans to be better respected.

On one of the biggest Christian holidays and a bank holiday in Slovenia, believers also take pilgrimages to other churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Assumption is one of the oldest holidays celebrating the Virgin Mary and dates back to before the 4th century. Many Slovenian churches are dedicated to Mary and holidays celebrating her are popular among believers.

The Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Brezje is the most popular pilgrimage site, while another popular pilgrimage site is the Basilica of the Virgin Protectress in Ptujska Gora, perched atop a hill near the medieval town of Ptuj.


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