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Slovenia to expand 20-year bond issue


The additional issue of the RS74 bond with a coupon rate of 1.5% and maturity date on 25 March 2035 is to be completed soon, unofficially as early as this week.

In March last year, Slovenia issued a billion euros in 20-year bonds in its first such issue. The coupon rate was 1.5% and the yield 1.553%.

The country has since issued a ten-year bond worth EUR 1.25bn followed by another EUR 750m issue of the same bond, as well as completed an EUR 1.5bn 16-year bond issue, which was later expanded by EUR 500m.

It has also sold EUR 700m worth of 30-year bonds in the original issue and two additional issues of the same bond.

In the meantime, the country bought back US$1.25bn in US-dollar-denominated bonds, with another billion dollars' worth planned for buy-back provided favourable market conditions.

These are currently good with the yield on Slovenian bonds on the secondary market currently at around 0.80%.


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