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Transport company Uber wants to take on Slovenia


"We have come to Croatia almost ten months ago and one of our next steps is Slovenia," said Tremac. He did not mention any specific dates, but hopes that before the end of the year Ljubljana will become one of the 500 cities where Uber operates.

The company operates the Uber mobile app, allowing smartphone users to submit a trip request, which the app then automatically sends to the nearest Uber driver who can offer the trip. The app calculates the fare and transfers the payment to the driver.

Uber drivers use their own personal cars and can plan their next trip before letting off their passenger. "This means less wasted kilometres and less waiting," said Tremac. Prices are thus lower, while drivers profit more.

Tremac said it is hard to estimate how many drivers and partners Uber could attract in Ljubljana. He added that the partners there, just as in other regions, would have to be companies or sole proprietors who meet the required safety standards and operate in line with laws.

Tremac said that Uber aims to bring the company's UberX service to Slovenia, which is popular in Europe and offers users low-cost rides in non-luxury cars, as well as a special surprise to Ljubljana.

"Our aim is to collaborate with the capital and the country in developing the digital and cooperative economy," he said and added that Uber wants to contribute to Slovenia's vision of being a referential green country in digital Europe.

One Uber vehicle can substitute six personal vehicles, which means a lesser burden on the city, its infrastructure and the environment. "Less investments are made in roads, car parks and more space is available for schools, parks and hospitals," he said.

Uber will also be one of the several US IT companies which will be visited by a Slovenian delegation of business executives, researchers and government officials between 19 and 24 September.

The aim of the visits will be to foster closer cooperation with IT giants which have had a big impact on business and every-day lives, such as Uber, Tesla, Facebook and Google.

Uber was founded in San Francisco, California, in 2009. It operates in over 60 countries worldwide, including 21 EU member states.


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