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Slovenia eschews new commitments about reception of migrants


President Borut Pahor indicated Slovenia did not support certain covenants the participating countries signed up for.

"There were certain minimal standards, commitments about the reception of migrants that Slovenia is currently not willing to accept," Pahor told reporters on Tuesday, the day Obama hosted the summit.

Among the countries participating in the summit, 32 pledged increased financing of international humanitarian organisations and 17 signed up for policy changes giving refugees better access to education and employment.

"Nobody, Slovenia included, wants to stop migration flows, which are a constituent part of human history. But Slovenia does want to contribute to regulating illegal migrations," said Pahor, who co-chaired one of the panels at the UN refugee summit.

He said Slovenia was "cautious in its statements and promises even though it is one of the few countries in Central and Eastern Europe that was willing to accept relocation quotas, which is respected here at the UN."

"But it is not willing to give more binding statements since we don't know what may happen in the future. We have to take into account that Slovenia is a small country, which is a factor limiting our humanitarian capacity to accept refugees."


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