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Get Me My Taxes!


DURS however still detects numerous violations in the payment of social insurance contributions, for example when employers report to DURS the non-payment of wages, while paying its employees in cash.

The administration advises employees who receive pay in cash or suspect irregularities in the payment of social insurance contributions to immediately report this to DURS.

"Employees have the first and early contact with irregularities in this area, and timely reporting of irregularities to the Tax Administration increases chances for quicker and more effective measures," DURS said in a press release.

According to DURS, every employee is able to check at the Tax Administration whether his or her employer is paying social insurance contributions, by using the electronic system eDavki or by sending a request by mail.

A delay of over three months in the payment of taxes and contributions due to be paid by employers along with wages, is a basis for suspicion that the employer has become insolvent, DURS said.

Slovenian companies and sole proprietors have accumulated a total of EUR 598.3m in tax debt by the end of June 2011. The biggest share of debt is represented by companies from the construction sector and manufacturing, according to a biannual report from the government.


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