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Collective agreement for agri-food industry signed


Speaking for the industry following the signing at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS), Anka Miklavčič Lipušček said the document ensured social peace and hence further growth and development.

"The negotiations were tough, but we achieved quite a few compromises. The biggest one is a 0.9% rise in working hour payment, while we also included in the agreement rights which are not defined in the employment relationships act," she said, listing jubilee awards and solidarity aid.

Apart from the head of the GZS's sub-chamber of food and farming companies, the signing was also hailed by the head of the industry's section in the Employers' Association, Dušan Gradišar.

The trade unions and the Cooperatives' Association were a bit more reserved with the association's president Peter Vrisk pointing to several issues that still needed to be tackled.

The association advocated better pay for workers. "Commodities are limited and it depends how they are distributed. If distribution in Slovenia in the past 15 years was fairer, our wages might be comparable with those in Austria or elsewhere," said Vrisk.

The boss of the sector's trade union Marjan Vindiš said that the agreement did not bring a conclusion to everyone's satisfaction.

He announced fresh negotiations to start in spring, after operating results are in, to tackle issues such as travel and meal allowances.

According to the trade union's data, the lowest pay in the sector is now EUR 462 gross, which is upgraded by company contracts. The average gross monthly salary is estimated at roughly EUR 1,150.


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