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Strojin Štampar leaves SSH board by mutual agreement


The agreement was reached at a session of the SSH supervisory board on Monday, which also decided that Strojin Štampar would stay with the company while two board vacancies will be filled via an international job tender.

Until then, SSH will be managed by a two-member board comprising CEO Lidia Glavina and member Nada Drobne.

The move was expected given weeks of speculation that Strojin Štampar would have to leave due to incompetence and alleged disagreements with the remaining two board members.

Some media have alleged that Strojin Štampar had forwarded confidential information to Borut Jamnik, the influential boss of state-owned pension insurer Modra zavarovalnica and chairman of the Telekom Slovenije supervisory board.

Strojin Štampar has denied ever disclosing confidential documents to Jamnik or any other person not privy to such information, or ever being accused by the SSH board of doing that.


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