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Slovenia's digital tourism campaign a success


There have been 220 million ad impressions that have so far reached 32 million unique users and led to an increase in the number of followers on Facebook for the main promotional page of 156,000.

Consequently, the clicks through the surged, with half a million unique visitors registered in June alone, Alenka Pahor Žvanut, the head of content marketing at STO, told a conference on Thursday.

The direct financial impact of the EUR 2.4m campaign is difficult to gauge at this stage, as reservations through the site are made directly with providers. A survey will be conducted at the end to tally the financial results, she said.

The campaign, dubbed Make New Memories, featured 843 adds in 12 languages and targeted 19 countries. The sixth and final round is currently under way and will conclude in mid-November.

When it was launched in April, the campaign set the target of 150 million ad impressions reaching at least 50 million Facebook users and a million users of Instagram.

The data were presented at Slovenian Tourism Days, an annual conference of the domestic tourism industry that focused on digital content marketing.


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