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Electronic Tolling for Lorries Next Year


The call, which will be open for 60 days, envisages the introduction of electronic tolling for lorries by October 2012.

DARS business director Ciril Kafol told a press conference in Ljubljana today that the new tolling system would apply for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes, as the current system was not sustainable in the long run.

He said that both the price and quality will be taken into consideration in selecting the best bidder, adding that the call also envisaged the possibility of future expansion of electronic tolling to all other groups of vehicles.

"The system of electronic tolling is an evolution, which is to meet the needs of users of our motorways," said the director of the tolling department at DARS, Bojan Banfi, adding that domestic and foreign vehicles will be tolled the same.

The project will gradually lead to the removal of tolling stations, which will boost safety on motorways, while no major changes in terms of employment are expected, he explained. DARS will only cut the number of students currently working at toll stations, he added.

The introduction of the electronic tolling system is in line with changes to the relevant action, which the government endorsed on 2 June. The government decided to put off the deadline for transition to electronic free-flow tolling for cars from 2014 to 2016.

Slovenia introduced toll stickers for cars and motor bikes on 1 July 2008, while keeping classic tolling for trucks.

In 2011, the price of the annual sticker for cars stands at EUR 95, monthly stickers cost EUR 30 and weekly stickers EUR 15. Motorcycle owners pay EUR 47.50 for the annual, EUR 25 for the six-month and EUR 7.50 for the weekly sticker.


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