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Izola celebrates folk-inspired holiday


Legend has it that ships from Genoa set course for Izola to pillage the town in 1380, after having devastated Justinopoli, today's Koper, both of which were under the Republic of Venice.

St. Maurus was said to have sent a white dove from his church in Izola to the Genovese fleet, as well as a fog to cover the town's shores and block the fleet's view.

The fleet followed the dove knowing that doves do not fly far from the coast. The dove, however, took them far into the open sea and returned to the church, where it dropped an olive branch from its beak as a sign of peace and security.

The miracle was said to have occurred on 23 October, which became a holiday for the residents of Izola, and inspired the town's coat of arms, now bearing an image of a white dove holding an olive branch in its beak.

As part of the celebration, Sunday will see various events take place at the beach of Delfin Hotel. Visitors will be able to attend a medieval market, offering culinary delights made by local caterers and societies.

Visitors will also be able to take a guided tour of the Church of St. Maurus and attend a lecture on the legend of the dove. Sunday's highlight will be the international regatta in rowing.

The regatta is an important tradition to the residents of Izola, because it serves as remembrance of the time when northern Adriatic towns were under the former Republic of Venice, says the website of the Izola municipality.

During that time, various games, especially rowing regattas, took place to maintain and strengthen relations between the towns.


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