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Sports equipment manufacturer successful in foreign markets


Faced with decline in Slovenia and other countries of the former Yugoslavia, the company has pivoted to foreign markets and has been able to enter quite demanding ones, such as Germany, Scandinavia and some Middle Eastern countries.

This year, it will carry out a project in Dubai and three in Switzerland, Šter has told the STA about the Elan Group company which focuses on equipping sports halls.

Šter said the company had several projects planned for this year, but he noted competition was becoming increasingly demanding.

Elan Inventa has 17 full-time employees and eight contractors. About 300 people work for it during the main season, including suppliers and installers. All of their products are manufactured in Slovenia.

According to Šter, revenue varies every year between EUR 8m and EUR 12m, depending on the number of projects the company carries out.

According to the company's annual report, net sales revenue amounted to EUR 7.8m in 2015, down EUR 3.4m from the year before. The company generated EUR 283,000 in net profit last year, down EUR 465,000 from 2014.


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