The Slovenia Times

Huda Jama victims' burial as contribution to appeasement


The face of the Slovenia which had not been able to bury the victims of post-war terror from Huda Jama for seven years had not been pretty. Since yesterday, when they were buried in a special memorial ceremony, its face is prettier.

It is the face of someone who respects human dignity and inviolability of human life, values on which Slovenia was established when it became independent, the paper says in A Nicer Face of the Republic of Slovenia.

The Maribor funeral will probably not contribute much to reconciliation, but it will help towards appeasement, to making the dispute less bitter.

But this is conditional on the organisers of the ceremony recognising themselves as unknown heroes and letting everyone take equal credit: the government, parliament, political parties, the president, the Church and all the anonymous people who lit candles in Maribor.

"All of them and everyone of us is the Republic of Slovenia. And all of us, not just the dead, deserve the right to peace," the paper concludes.


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