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Feast of Assumption: Family Values First!


Addressing a crowd of around 4,000 at the country's main pilgrimage site, Stres pointed to the need to strive for justice, truthfulness, mutual respect and honesty, for fair wages, human dignity and the protection of human life in society and the country.

"The value of the family holds a special place among the genuine and tested Christian values, which we have to strive for."

Stres is convinced that the Holy Family is a symbol and the ideal of the family, which through centuries and millennia has proven to be the best basis for national existence and social progress.

"It also depends on us, Christians, whether this ideal will remain an ideal also in what are undoubtedly also difficult times for many families."

"However, when times are hard, it is even more necessary to have a clear image of the ideal and example before us. This is what it is about and our duties and responsibilities cannot be deferred here."

The floor was also given to Ales Primc, the head of a pro-family initiative which is seeking a referendum on the new family law act which introduces additional rights for gay couples and liberalises the definition of a family.

Primc urged a joint effort for the values of motherhood and fatherhood, saying they were depreciated by the new act.

Katarina Kresal, the outgoing interior minister and head of the coalition LibDems, reacted to Primc's address by describing it on Twitter an abuse of "a Church holiday to spread intolerance, even though tolerance is also a Christian value".

Meanwhile, special masses were also held elsewhere around Slovenia today to mark one of the biggest holidays on the Church calendar.

Stres's central message was echoed around the country, with Maribor Archbishop Marjan Turnsek also connecting at Ptujska Gora, NE Slovenia, the decline of family values and the recent terror attack in Norway and riots in England.

"Are these scenes not a too clear reflection of the aggressive computer games that are the main shaping element of the realities of many children and young people as a result of a lack of a much needed debate with their father and mother, their brothers and sisters," Turnsek wondered.

He further argued that the institution of the family deserves to be defended with all democratic means, including a referendum.

The Feast of the Assumption, which has been observed as a national holiday in Slovenia since 1992, has deep-seated roots in Slovenia, where over 300 parish, succursal and pilgrimage churches are consecrated in the honour of Mary.

The holiday is also celebrated by Eastern Christian faiths, although under a different name. The faiths that still use the Julian calendar celebrate the holiday on 28 August according to the Gregorian calendar.


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