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Jelinčič's Profitable Hobbies


The Commission said Tuesday it would check Jelincic's assets based on media reports. It said the burden of proof was on the office holder in cases where it is suspected that the assets of an office holder have "increased disproportionately".

Always quick to blame allegations against him as political conspiracies, Jelincic said the check was designed to "remove" him from politics, since he is "the only one who demands a crack-down on organised crime."

The news comes after Jelincic's wife, Monika Zupanc Jelincic, bought a 2,211 m2 vacant lot near Koper for EUR 552,000. Jelincic has said he was planning on building a house and retiring there.

Media started questioning where Jelincic and his wife got the money considering that he makes just over EUR 3,000 net per month as MP and is barred by law from engaging in other gainful activity, whereas his wife is employed at the Ljubljana city administration.

Jelincic, the owner of a big and recently renovated house in the centre of Ljubljana which is estimated at well over a million euros, has said he borrowed some of the money from friends.

He has told the media he has assets worth ten million euros on account of his passion for numismatics.


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